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设置 cluster-status sysstat, sar

apt 安装包 sysstat

编辑开关文件 /etc/default/sysstat ENABLED="TRUE"

编辑配置文件 /etc/sysstat/sysstat, 主要是检查保存的文件夹 SA_DIR

确保文件夹是创建了的 mkdir -p /var/log/sysstat (默认位置)

启动服务 systemctl restart sysstat, systemctl enable sysstat

在历史数据有两天之后启动脚本 /home/admin/script/ (需要确保loginNode home已经挂载)

  • 给ubuntu自带的python装上pandas (root身份) /usr/bin/python3 -m pip install pandas
  • 测试code有无 ImportError (root身份) /usr/bin/python3 /home/admin/script/
  • 在 crontab 中编辑 */10 * * * * /usr/bin/python3 /home/admin/script/ > /root/sar.log 2>&1

web0 上检查 loginNode home 挂载 loginNode:/home on /mnt/loginNode/home

web0 上编辑 crontab

*/5 * * * *  cp -a /mnt/loginNode/home/admin/cluster-status/. /home/wwwroot/cluster-status/

web0 上检查 nginx 是否运行 sudo systemctl status nginx.service (/opt/nginx)

# sysstat configuration file. See sysstat(5) manual page.

# How long to keep log files (in days).
# Used by sa2(8) script
# If value is greater than 28, then use sadc's option -D to prevent older
# data files from being overwritten. See sadc(8) and sysstat(5) manual pages.

# Compress (using xz, gzip or bzip2) sa and sar files older than (in days):

# Parameters for the system activity data collector (see sadc(8) manual page)
# which are used for the generation of log files.
# By default contains the `-S DISK' option responsible for generating disk
# statisitcs. Use `-S XALL' to collect all available statistics.

# Directory where sa and sar files are saved. The directory must exist.

# Compression program to use.

# By default sa2 script generates yesterday's summary, since the cron job
# usually runs right after midnight. If you want sa2 to generate the summary
# of the same day (for example when cron job runs at 23:53) set this variable.

# By default sa2 script generates reports files (the so called sarDD files).
# Set this variable to false to disable reports generation.

# Tell sa2 to wait for a random delay in the range 0 .. ${DELAY_RANGE} before
# executing. This delay is expressed in seconds, and is aimed at preventing
# a massive I/O burst at the same time on VM sharing the same storage area.
# Set this variable to 0 to make sa2 generate reports files immediately.

# The sa1 and sa2 scripts generate system activity data and report files in
# the /var/log/sysstat directory. By default the files are created with umask 0022
# and are therefore readable for all users. Change this variable to restrict
# the permissions on the files (e.g. use 0027 to adhere to more strict
# security standards).

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